Deejo Pocket Knives

Deejo Pocket Knives

Top 8 Deejo Pocket Knives On The Market

Viking DragonCarbon Fiber

GenévrierJuniper Wood

GrenadillaEbony wood

OlivierOlive Wood

HowlingCarbon Fiber


Coral WoodCoral Wood

JuniperJuniper Wood


Deejo is a multifunctional knife that you can use in any place and circumstance. It is light and pocket-sized. It can be an everyday utensil at your table, allowing you to cut a steak, peel a fruit, or split a pizza. Don’t forget it in the office, its multipurpose use will allow you to open a package, a letter, or even stir a coffee.

It is an indispensable companion on your excursions into nature, sure to get you out of some trouble or other.

In Deejo the utility does not prevail only in front of other qualities. It has been manufactured in high-performance stainless steel and there is even a model in damask steel. Its creators have emphasized a design that leaves no one indifferent. It adapts to all styles, bringing charisma to its owner.

Deejo Pocket Knife is a collector’s item within everyone’s reach!

Perfect in both aesthetics and use!

Do you like functional and minimalist knives, or artistic tools that match your image? In that case, Deejo knives will certainly suit your style. Deejo is a French brand, created by Luc Foin and Stéphanie Lebau. What is their goal?

To develop a lightweight pocket knife. In addition, Deejo pays great attention to elegant and stylish designs. These knives are made with artistic tattoos and handles made of impressive materials, such as prominent types of wood and carbon fiber. These knives are perfect for everyday use.

The Deejo Tattoo Collection

The Tattoo collection demonstrates the artistic level of Deejo. These knives are enhanced with artistic tattoos, hence the name. Through these tattoos, each razor takes on a new and deeper meaning. Want to add your own tattoo to personalize your razor even more? Now it’s possible with the “Tattoo your Deejo box” pack!

Make a statement of principle, carry a Deejo knife with you.

Given the wide variety of Deejo knives available, there is something for everyone.

As a result, you can select the knife that best suits you. A Deejo knife is a clear reflection of the person who carries it. It says something about you, who you are, and how you live life.

That’s why a Deejo knife is an indispensable accessory that tops off any outfit. That’s why Deejo’s slogan is: “Deejo. A knife that looks like you.”

Best Deejo Pocket Knife

1. Viking Dragon

Deejo Viking Dragon Serrated 37G, Carbon Fiber, Black Titanium, Stainless Steel Z40C13

Viking Dragon >>   Check Price

2. Genévrier

Ultra-Light Folding Pocket Knife with Belt Clip. Elegant and Modern Design.

Genévrier >>   Check Price

3. Grenadilla

Latino Skull Design. Thin and Sharp Blade.

Grenadilla >>   Check Price

4. Olivier

Terra Incognita Pattern. Stainless Steel. 37g Version.

Olivier >>   Check Price

5. Howling – Half Serrated

Ultra-Light Pocket Folding Knife with a Belt Clip – Carbon Fiber, Titanium.

Howling >>   Check Price

6. Rosewood

Hunting Day Pattern. Thin and Sharp Blade.

Rosewood >>   Check Price

7. Coral Wood

Coral Wood Version. Manuscript Pattern.

Coral Wood >>   Check Price

8. Juniper

Ultra-light knife in Z40C13 stainless steel, matte finish.

Juniper >>   Check Price

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  1. My father acquired one of those knives in the same manner you did and he has carried it for some time now. I was actually impressed and he is very happy with it. He does use it every day as he is a carpenter and owns a construction company and he was very impressed that it has held up so well.

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